Fact Sheets 2017

County Factsheet on CDHS Proposed Solution for Indirect Costs

Implementation of Mental Health Hold Task Force Recommendations

House Bills

HB 17-1052  Child Welfare Allocation Formula Factors
HB 17-1110  Establishing Permanency for Children in Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings
HB 17-1111  Safeguarding Children by Using Enforceable Protection Orders in D&N Cases
HB 17-1174  Allow Rural Counties to Provide Broadband Infrastructure Through Local Improvement Districts  

HB 17-1220 Prevent Diversion of Marijuana to Illegal Market

HB 17-1242 Comprehensive Transportation Funding Solution

Memo Analysis of HB 17-1242 As Amended

Memo Analysis of HB 17-1242

HB 17-1313 Civil Forfeiture Letter

Senate Bills

SB17-016  County Choice Child Protection Teams

SB 17-042 Repeal Law Slowing Rural Broadband Deployment

SB17-040 CORA Requests and Public Access to Government Databases

SB17-244 Retail Food Establishment Fees

SB 17-285 Downtown Development Fairness Act

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