Fact Sheets 2017

Support Letter for Interim Committee Regarding State and Local Public Safety Solutions

County Factsheet on CDHS Proposed Solution for Indirect Costs

Implementation of Mental Health Hold Task Force Recommendations

House Bills

HB 17-1052  Child Welfare Allocation Formula Factors
HB 17-1110  Establishing Permanency for Children in Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings
HB 17-1111  Safeguarding Children by Using Enforceable Protection Orders in D&N Cases
HB 17-1174  Allow Rural Counties to Provide Broadband Infrastructure Through Local Improvement Districts  

HB 17-1220 Prevent Diversion of Marijuana to Illegal Market

HB 17-1242 Comprehensive Transportation Funding Solution

Memo Analysis of HB 17-1242 As Amended

Memo Analysis of HB 17-1242

HB 17-1313 Civil Forfeiture Letter

Senate Bills

SB17-016  County Choice Child Protection Teams

SB 17-042 Repeal Law Slowing Rural Broadband Deployment

SB17-040 CORA Requests and Public Access to Government Databases

SB17-244 Retail Food Establishment Fees

SB 17-285 Downtown Development Fairness Act

2017 Winter Conference

November 27-29
Hotel Eleganté
Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado

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