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John (Chip) Taylor – Executive Director

Now in his 22nd year of service, Chip first joined CCI as a lobbyist in 1996, left to serve as the manager of Ouray County, then returned to the CCI legislative team in 1998 before being appointed the association’s Executive Director in 2010. Under his leadership, CCO has vaulted to new heights in effective advocacy, member services, associate member engagement, and strategic involvement with the National Association of Counties (NACo). As a self-proclaimed “military brat” whose father flew interceptor planes for the United States Air Force, Chip and his close-knit family lived in many cities around America as well as Spain, Italy and Canada… an experience that shaped his character as well as his ability to build consensus among people with differing viewpoints. Chip earned both his undergraduate degree in political science and his law degree from Pepperdine (Malibu, CA) and worked in a private law practice in Los Angeles before moving to Colorado in 1992. He was an attorney for the Office of Legislative Legal Services prior to joining CCI. Chip and his wife Erika have two sons and in his spare time, he enjoys snowboarding, travel, and playing guitar.

Chip is available for calls about CCI’s legislative program and policies, the economic impact of county governments, issues that affect counties and the citizens of Colorado… and media inquiries.

Call Chip at 303.861.4076, Ext. 242         

Email Chip at [email protected]

Kristin Dunn – Deputy Director

For more than 20 years, Kristin Dunn has set the standard for professionalism and exceptional customer service on the staff of CCI. From early assignments in conference planning, legislative affairs, and communications, Kristin evolved into her current role as the leader of a team of professionals dedicated to the success of county government officials and the welfare of Colorado citizens. Kristin trains and coaches employees on the CCI staff, helping instill a culture based on “can do” attitudes in service to members and stakeholders. A native of Dodge City, Kansas and the daughter of a Nazarene minister, Kristin earned a degree in psychology from Mid-American Nazarene University (Olathe, KS) and a Master’s degree in human resources and development from Chapman University (Orange, CA). She and her husband Chad have two teenage children. Family comes first for Kristin, who also enjoys cooking.

Kristin is available for calls on all aspects of CCI operations, governance, and staffing.

Call Kristin at 303.861.4076, Ext. 243

Email Kristin at [email protected]

Eric Bergman – Policy Director

With a quick wit and endearing sense of humor, Eric Bergman holds a special place in the hearts and minds of CCI members and Colorado’s political leaders (past and present). But when it comes to fighting for Colorado counties, Eric is all business. He’s a staunch advocate of local control and opposes unfunded mandates on county governments. His rich family legacy includes a grandfather who was a two-term Teller County Commissioner and a father who served as President of the Teller County Home Builders Association. Now in his 14th year at CCI, Eric specializes in telecommunications, transportation, open records and county statutory powers.   He brings to the job a wealth of knowledge and experience, including a seven-year stint at the Colorado Department of Local Affairs.  Eric earned his B.A. in philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder and his Master’s in environmental studies from The Evergreen State College (in Olympia, WA). He and his wife Sandra have two teenage boys. Outside of work, Eric is a maniacal Broncos and Rockies fan, a long-distance runner, and a science fiction and comic book fanatic.

Eric is available for calls on public policies and proposals that impact county governments… and media inquiries.

Call Eric at 303.861.4076, Ext. 232

Email Eric at [email protected]

Allison Daley – Legislative & Policy Advocate

For Allison Daley, serving on the staff of Colorado Counties, Inc. is a continuation of her desire to build her life around a foundation of service to others. Now, as a CCI legislative and policy advocate on county health & human services issues, she will effectively advocate for Colorado’s less fortunate citizens and the counties that serve them. Allison’s responsibilities also include issues handled by CCI’s justice and public safety steering committee. Allison brings unique experience to her assignment, having worked on policy issues for the Colorado Senate, serving in Washington, DC, on an initiative to make 911 accessible to Coloradans who are deaf and hearing impaired, and investing many volunteer hours at homeless shelters, rescue missions, children’s hospitals, and medical clinics. A Colorado native, Allison graduated magna cum laude from Boston University with a B.A. in psychology and public health and earned her law degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder where she was a Law Review associate editor. When she’s not spending time with her friends and family, Allison enjoys hiking and yoga.

Allison is available for calls on a wide range of health & human services and justice & public safety issues impacting Colorado’s counties and citizens.

Call Allison at 303.861.4076, Ext. 234

Email Allison at [email protected]

Jeanne DeHaven – Administrative Associate

Administrative Associate

Every association needs an experienced, knowledgeable “go to” person who understands the history of the organization and keeps their fingers on the pulse of the current activities. At CCI, that treasured resource is Jeanne DeHaven, who is celebrating her 20th year of service to Colorado’s counties. Jeanne oversees the CCI web site, plays a vital support role for the legislative staff, and coordinates many of CCI’s governance functions. She is a native Coloradan. Her professional career included stops at a number of major companies. Prior to joining CCI, she worked in Senate Services, gaining an understanding of the legislative process. Outside her work at CCI, Jeanne loves to spend time with her son and grandson.

Jeanne is available for calls on CCI’s web site, newsletters, information, subsidiaries and committees.

Call Jeanne at 303.861.4076, Ext. 240

Email Jeanne at [email protected]

Brandy DeLange – Legislative & Policy Advocate

A bright young star on the CCI legislative staff, Thornton (CO) native Brandy DeLange is a key player on issues of vital importance to Colorado counties. Now in her sixth year at CCI, her oversight responsibilities include water, agriculture, wildlife, rural affairs, land use, tourism and economic development… and in each area she brings an insatiable thirst for the most complex and challenging aspects of public policy. Brandy’s education and experience align perfectly with her CCI role. She earned her undergraduate degree in Political Science and English Literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder and her Master’s in Public Policy and Administration from CU-Denver. Brandy is also a graduate of the “Best and Brightest” Program administered through the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) and CU-Denver. In graduate school, she interned at Crowley County, learning all facets of county government, with an emphasis on administration. Her hobbies include working out, cooking, and playing with her dog Jude.

Brandy is available for calls on issues that impact Colorado counties in their dealings with farmers, developers, planners, and businesses that rely on a vibrant economy.

Call Brandy at 303.861.4076, Ext.236

Email Brandy at [email protected]

Gini Pingenot – Legislative Director

Firmly grounded in her belief that collaboration and cooperation can deliver solutions to real-world problems, Gini Pingenot relishes her work at Colorado Counties and the significant role CCI plays in developing policy solutions that honor local control and innovation. Now in her 17th year at CCI, Gini focuses on two sets of equally critical issues: those related to human services and public health; and those involving tax policy, fiscal impacts, and public lands. The Atlanta native is well-equipped to deal with such dynamic and diverse challenges, having earned a Master’s degree in ecology from the University of Georgia (Athens, GA) and a B.A. in biology from Rhodes College (Memphis, TN). On the personal side, Gini and her husband Trent devoted a year of their lives to Spanish immersion and volunteerism in Costa Rica and Chile and treasure time with their two children.

Gini is available for calls on a wide range of social and economic issues impacting counties and the people of Colorado.

Call Gini at 303.861.4076, Ext. 226 or her mobile at 720.255.8941

Email Gini at [email protected]

Paul Thompson – Outreach and Education Manager

After 40 years managing state and local home builders associations in Florida, Paul Thompson has found a home at CCI. His primary responsibilities include conference planning, educational programming, serving as editor of County Lines and eCounty Lines, and working with associate members on marketing their products and services to county governments. Paul is a native of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and his father served in General George Patton’s Third Army in World War II. Paul earned a B.A. in Communications from the University of West Florida (Pensacola, FL) and an MBA from Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL). Paul enjoys helping at Summit Life Baptist Church in Aurora, where his son Matt is the pastor, and spending time with his family.

Paul is available for calls about all aspects of the Summer and Winter Conferences, education events, sponsorships, and the associate member program.

Call Paul at 303.861.4076, Ext. 241

Email Paul at [email protected]

Linda Tiehen – Administrative Associate

In one very important respect, Linda is the “voice” of Colorado Counties, Inc. … the pleasant, helpful first point of contact for those who call CCI. But along with that voice comes a wealth of administrative experience based on 20-plus years of working with nonprofit associations and businesses in the Denver area. A native of Marshalltown, Iowa, Linda studied housing at Iowa State University before moving to Colorado in 1982. Prior to joining CCI, she spent ten years in administrative roles with the Western Sugar Cooperative. In addition to connecting callers to CCI staff and resources, Linda is the registrar and on-site registration coordinator for CCI’s Summer and Winter Conferences… and she loves it when the details of conference planning come together to make for a great member experience. On the personal side, Linda enjoys spending time with family, gardening, and traveling to Colorado’s many beautiful communities.

Linda is available to answer questions about CCI activities and events and/or direct you, as needed, to the appropriate person on the association staff.

Call Linda at 303.861.4076, Ext. 221

Email Linda at [email protected]

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